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9 September
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The walls of my bedroom are a paperboard brown with little black etched designs on them. I have a wine rack and a homemade shelf for vinyl records. My fish is a beta named Juni, which is short for Andy Junior, and was given to me as a 25th birthday gift from the cutest girl in the world. I brew my own chai and have a compulsive desire to alphabetize damn near everything. Neurosis? Maybe. Obsessive compulsive? Most likely. I enjoy sweet white wines, dry reds, and dark laggers. My favorite bands start with the letter V.

Record Nerd


The Coolest Bands Ever:
Acid House Kings
Club 8

This is my third livejournal. Past journals include the following:
- 2000-2004: indierocker
- 2004-2005: distantvictory
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